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T-REX Trike Motorcycle Manufacturing for sale in Miami, FL

Miami, Florida (FL)

Asking Price: Gross: Cash Flow:
$ 35,000 $ 306,000 $ 205,000

Furniture and Fixtures Value:
$ 60,000 (included in the asking price)

Inventory Value:
$ 15,000 (included in the asking price)

Business Summary:
We specialize in the manufacturing of some of the hottest and most exotic motorcycles on Earth. we have taken the concept behind Campagnas T-rex superbike and turned it in to the custom feel that clients were waiting for by allowing them to add infinite options and add-ons to our builds, from different engine size, wheels, TV, Radios, Electronic paddle shifters and many other amazing extras that are not offered by the company and at the same time lower the cost to the customer to be able to make this superbike accessible and affordable to the public. Campagnas T-rex retails around 60k and up depending on options, there are some models that can even be close to $100k. these vehicles have been reserved for the wealthy and even as used don't retail any less then 35K with high miles. We are including in this sale, 2 different styles of Molds for the fiberglass shell for the motorcycles.. These molds can build a combination of 4 different styles of bikes, Trex 1, with 2 different dash combinations, and Trex 2 with 2 differnet dash combinations. ( THESE ARE NOT SKIN MOLDS, THEY ARE INDUSTRIAL MODLS TICK ENOUGH TO MASS PRODUCE 500 BIKES OR MORE BEFORE HAVING TO REPLACE THEM, THEY ARE VERRY HEAVY AND DURABLE) We are also including the chassis Gig station that will build and perfectly align the metal frame chassis for the bike and provide the correct angles for a perfect fit all the time. We will be including also all digital blue print of the exact welding points, measurements of bend angles and screw holes for the chassis. we will also include a hydraulic pipe bender tool to precisely adjust angles on gig. A 16 speed drill press A millermatic welding kit and we are also including a full list of all parts and sources were to purchase all the parts necessary to complete the builds. production cost is 7 to 9k per build. on Ebay we retail anywhere between 25,000 and 35,000 allowing us to be the most affordable T-Rex manufacturing company for build.

Facilities / Terms of Lease: We are located in our warehouse in florida but this business can be relocated anywere you like. the product sells itself on looks and performance.  
Potential Growth/Expansion: There are so many other models that can be incorporated to your fleet, and we can help you to arrange for grouth at any time.  
Competition: Call us for additional information at (631)741 5533 or email at [email protected]  
Owner willing to finance: no  
Owner willing to train: yes  
Reason for selling: we are liquidating assets for other ventures that own.  
Seller Reference Number: bm1416807565 Listing Number: 147276