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Ice Cream/Gelato Factory for Sale for sale in long island city, NY

long island city, New York (NY)

Asking Price: Gross: Cash Flow:
$ 900,000 Undisclosed Undisclosed

Business Summary:
Laboratory:No. 1 MIX PLANT 600Compact unit for the, homogenizing and cooling of 600 l/h of ice cream mix.600 l/h Homogenizer, with the following characteristic:1. Capacity 600 l/h2. Single stage.3. Max pressure: 150 BAR4. It can treat ice cream mixes even if they contain abrasive substances as cocoa or fruit juice.5. The homogenizer is completely s/s cased.6. All the parts which come into contact with the mix are made s/s.7. Double-stage plate heat exchanger, where the ice cream mix comes out from the homogenizer at +82?C is immediately cooled to +4?C by means of city or tower water (ice cream pre-cooling) and chilled water (final cooling to +4?C).8. Electric panel for the equipment control assembled on a steel column. It is equipped with warning lights for the normal running or for possible anomalies.9. Piping and s/s connection for the mix:10. Stainless steel platformNr. 1 FREEZMAT KEL 4 AC-1Singe barrel automatic continuous freezer, for the production of approx. 400 l/h of ice cream with 100% over run.Freezing CylinderThe insulated freezing cylinder shall be made stainless steel AISI 304. The inside surface shall be hard chromium plated nickel having mirror finish. The cylinder shall have suitable surface scrappers to continuously scrap of thin film of ice which forms on the inner wall of the cylinder and at the same time thoroughly mix the ice cream as it formed.Mix pump: A special piston pump system with one chamber, with compressed air feeding (air compressor not included) and sterile air filter.Air system: The air connection shall be provided for 6 bar air pressure (at customer’s care and charge)Refrigeration system: The refrigeration system of the ice cream freezer shall be built-in R 404, water cooled condenser and necessary controls. The unit shall have automatic defrosting arrangement and suction and discharge pressure gauges. The condenser is water cooled.Control system: All functions of the freezer including the refrigeration system of the freezer shall be operated panel composed of:1. Digital display for diagnostic (alarms and warnings) and machine parameters.2. Digital key-board capable to program / memorize different and automatic cycles.Automatic cycles:1. mix in (production preparation)2. production START3. Stand-by (short time stop production)4. Production endAutomatic controls:Main control:1. Overrun monitoring (air pressure)2. Viscosity control (dasher-wattmeter)3. Mix flow control (inverter mix pump)4. Barrel pressure control (outlet valve)5. Outlet ice cream temperature (thermometer)Recipes parameters available:1. Mix flow (liter/Hour)2. Viscosity (percentage)3. Overrun (percentage)No. 1 MULTI- RIPPLE KAC 30:Automatic ripple or chocolate machine to be connected to the freezer or to the filter.No. 1 MULTIFRUIT C80:Fruit feeder to inject candied fruit, chopped nuts or chocolate and raisins into ice cream.Other Equipment:Nr. 1 Aging tank capacity 1,200 LNr. 5Aging tanks capacity 600 LNr.1 Sealing machineNr.1 Tekna blast freezerNr.1 Omcan freezerNr.1 Bravo Gelmatic 60 (Ice cream/gelato maker)Nr. 1 Filling machine for bag in boxNr.1 Robot coupe’ M8 450 – MixerNr.1 C.I.P Cleaning in place with 2 tanks of 100 LNr.2 Anderson AJ 300 recording charts for pasteurizationNr 1 Blast Freezer 100 sq ft room with a conveyor, temperature -35 C.Nr. 1 110 Cubic meters Walk in Box FreezerNr.1 15 Cubic meters walk in box refrigerationNr. 1 15 Cubic meters walk in box freezerNr.1 Refrigerated TruckMechanical Room:Refrigeration System:Nr 5 Water Economizer Weker Model MT 400SNr.1 Water Chiller Weker WG 500Nr.2 Gas Wall Mount Boilers Gas – Knight Model WH 55- 399Other Spaces:Nr. 1 Office room 320 Sq. ft with 4 desks/drawers/Wi-Fi System/ 6 telephones/ Tharo labels printer 1R90160705Nr.2 Bathroom fully equippedNr. 2 Locker rooms fully equipped

Year Business was Established: 2015
Seller Reference Number: bm760341447 Listing Number: 249240