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Online technology and website for sale in Vancouver, INT


Asking Price: Gross: Cash Flow:
$ 10,000 Undisclosed Undisclosed

Business Summary:
The online software system uses smart technology to quickly and easily plan and optimize a 1 year gardening plan for the user. It takes into account companion planting and adversary plants, plus multiple planter environments. Our company spent nearly a year developing the product, going live just a few months ago.

The system is programmed with growing information for all North American regions - USA and Canada

Estimated value of expertise and costs that went into the development was $48,000 which includes:
- Horticulture and agriculture specialists: $ 8,000
- Product Developers and Testers: $20,000
- Web and Graphic Designers: $ 5,000
- Project Manager: $15,000

Looking to recover the developer and testing costs ($20,000); however, looking for a quick sale to close the file in this fiscal calendar, so would sell for $15,000 if sale completes (contract and payment) prior to April 30th, 2017, and $10,000 if sale completes prior to April 1st, 2017.

Please visit to view the system and test out it's functionality.


Year Business was Established: 2016
Facilities / Terms of Lease: n/a  
Potential Growth/Expansion: There are 3 direct routes of expansion for a potential buyer that would be easy and quick. 1) most gardening companies provide a similar report which is manually designed for $250 to home owners. You could simply add a shopping cart function and charge a lesser fee of $19 - $29 for the user account and report. You could also sell this as a bundle to landscape companies so they can offer it to their clients with an added margin. For example, they can sell it to their clients for $49, and purchase the license from you for $29, saving themselves time to calculate out the growing plan, etc while also having an easy upsell for clients that requires less of their time.

2) incorporate gardening seeds and equipment into a shopping cart functionality utilizing the system as a tool to gain audience members to your website, and then upsell them the gardening supplies needed.

3)if you already have an established e-commerce site this is a fantastic value add, and upsell tool as it's programmed to develope a 12 month gardening plan and in turn sell more seeds than the typical transaction thinks of at the time without a plan.
Competition: Market Research: The target audience is primarily women (72%) who live in an urban environment. They’re between the ages of 30 - 60, and educated (93% post-secondary education, of which 40% completing a graduate degree or professional program.) They are socially aware, and interested in health and wellness with an interest in where their food comes from. These urban professionals appreciate authentic experiences and the simple joys of life. Designed for urban residential food growers, community gardeners, and those interested in growing food in their community. Typical income brackets of interest are those earning less than $40,000, or over $75,000 as these make-up the majority of gardeners. Involvement with gardening drops with those earning $40,000 - $75,000. Within this category, 47% use the internet to locate gardening information, of which, 18% purchased gardening products while online. If these results are representative of other urban centers in Canada where there are over 12.5M households, we estimate the target audience size within Canada to be approximately 2.5M households who would find this project very interesting. Of those, 1.2M who are accustomed to utilizing the internet to access their gardening information. In early 2009, the National Gardening Association (NGA) completed a survey that characterized food gardening in the United States. Here is what they found: Approximately 23% (27M) households had a vegetable garden in 2008. That's 2M more than in 2007. The number of food gardeners increased to 31% (36M) households, if you included those people growing fruits, berries, and herbs. The average person spends about $70 on their food garden each year. Total nationwide is 2.5 billion spent on food gardening. The average vegetable garden is 600 square feet, but 83% of the vegetable gardens are less than 500 square feet. Nearly half of all gardeners grow some vegetables in containers as well. The typical vegetable gardener is college educated, married, female, age 45+, and has no kids at home. Almost 60% have been gardening for less than 5 years. Their typical reasons for growing is produce fresh food, to save money, to produce better quality food and to grow food you know is safe (in that order) $2.8 Billion industry in North America…. $1.4 Billion from those who use the internet to locate gardening information $253 Million from those who currently purchase online… (80% live in urban centers) = $203 M  
Owner willing to finance: n/a  
Owner willing to train: Business coaching is a possiblity, but purchaser will need to hire their own developer should they want to make changes to the system.  
Reason for selling: However, due to a strategic change in the company, we have decided to focus our efforts on another line of business which is growing to fast for use to focus any time on this newly launched online software.  
This business is Home Based.  
This business is Internet Based.  
Seller Reference Number: bm1990127876 Listing Number: 207791


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