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Freshii Franchise Opportunity

Freshii Logo

Freshii is the next wave of fresh & healthy fast casual dining and retail in North America!

Join our winning team and help reach our goal of serving up the healthiest, best tasting, and most convenient customized meals and snacks in a hip, welcoming and environmentally sustainable environment - all across North America!

Our Manifesto: When you are hungry and there is only a candy bar in sight, do you grab for that candy bar? Now, imagine if between your hand and that candy bar, we placed an apple? Might you choose that apple? Our goal is simple: Freshii wants to be that apple.

Freshii offers an array of quick and nutritious options including salads, wraps, rice bowls and soups in a "build your own" format, served in a fast, fun, hip and environmentally sustainable atmosphere. Freshii provides healthy and convenient meals and snacks in a busy world, leaving no room for excuses.

Sound interesting? Freshii is actively looking for franchise partners who share the same goals and have a passion for promoting healthy living in a fast paced world!

  • World Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
  • Year Founded: 2005
  • Locations: 11 stores, 14 by end of 2008
  • Segment: Hybrid of Fast-Casual, QSR & Retail
  • Target Square Footage: 150 – 1500 sq feet
THE MENU – customization
QSR Magazine, October 2008:
"Customization is the name of the game at Freshii, a quick-service chain specializing in salads, soups, and other healthy meals and snacks for people in a hurry. Serving up nutritious meals, prepared to individual specifications, is the philosophy behind the chain…"

Freshii's menu offers build-your-own salads, wraps, rice bowls and soups personalized with ingredients from three categories: 24/7 - super low in fat, but high in fiber, essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lean protein, balance - essential fats, slow-burning carbs, good oils and high protein and splurge - great flavors to be enjoyed in moderation. Freshii also offers breakfast and snacks like customizable yogi, yogurt parfait and organic oatmeal!

Freshii's Website features a revolutionary nutrition counter; create your own virtual salad, wrap, rice bowl or soup and instantly see the nutritional value of your ingredients!

NUTRITION TO GO™ - Our Retail Revenue Center For years, restaurants have tried to figure out ways to sell customers more than just a meal. When executed properly, the retail business provides significant economic benefits to a restaurant including raising the value of a customer's visit, optimizing labor usage, smoothing peak sales times, and allocating rent across multiple businesses. Freshii is extending the restaurant-retail concept and creating the archetype for maximizing sales in the restaurant industry. We call it NUTRITION TO GO™

  • Efficient operations systems.
  • Sophisticated POS systems to manage our business, track key financial and demographic metrics and maximize profits.
  • Operations, Branding, and Finance Leaders who bring unique and high level skills to the Freshii Management Team.
  • Unique Service techniques and packaging materials to minimize environmental impact.
  • Established purchasing power and contacts with National and Local food vendors

  • Our Product Offering – Freshii offers a focused menu that does not conflict with landlords "non–compete" clauses.
  • No On–site Cooking – Freshii does not require exhaust, which lowers and expedites store build out costs and timelines and make us flexible to any location.
  • Flexible Footprints – Our locations range in size from 150-1500 sq feet. Some of our locations (before they were Freshii's) were hair salons, coffee shops, book stores & restaurants. We can go anywhere!

  • Mission Green
    Our Mission Green campaign is our way of educating others on how they can be eco-friendly in their everyday life.

    How We Go Green
  • We only use recyclable, post-consumer packaging.
  • Our bowls are compostable and biodegradable.
  • We recycle and reuse. We use the backs of paper for internal use.
  • We sell reusable bags.
  • We have very little waste in our kitchen.
  • We use energy efficient light bulbs.
  • We try to buy organic whenever possible. Produce, meat, beverages, snacks and our food-safe cleaning products.
  • Suppliers we team up with also share and support our environmental beliefs and initiatives.
  • We program our thermostats so that we do not waste energy.
  • We change our air filters regularly.
  • We buy recycled products. Paper, toilet paper, paper towels, and more.
  • We use digital communication whenever possible.
  • We make yearly donations to charities that focus on environmental issues.
    The Freshii system can be easily scaled and replicated across the nation. We have addressed all areas of the Freshii business model – site selection, supply chain, cost control, build-out timing, marketing and buzz creation - to ensure that each market across the country can be easily opened, rapidly grown, and successfully and profitably operated.

    Are you a passionate entrepreneur? Our goal is to expand throughout the country by teaming with passionate multi-unit partners who share in our mission to establish Freshii as the most convenient destination for healthy meals and snacks, served quickly while maintaining the highest quality of service and style.

    This franchise is not currently accepting inquiries.

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