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The Janitorial Agency Franchise Opportunity

The Janitorial Agency Franchise Review 
Do you want to run your own business and make it your own? This is your chance to create your own business, build your own legacy and possess something that represents you, while receiving the same recognition as a national chain. Have you thought about starting your own business but are scared of the risk and possibility that it might fail?

Who We Are:
The Janitorial Agency provides a proven and low risk way to start your own business. We are a cutting edge, fast growing business opportunity in the cleaning industry with a proven record for success. While some companies might be cutting back on little luxuries such as ordering coffee for the office, they will not reduce their cleaning services. Businesses have a health code that they must abide by, therefore, commercial cleaning companies have leverage in obtaining and keeping business. Not only is the commercial cleaning industry recession resistant, it is part of a US$100+ billion industry that will only continue to grow.

What we Offer:
With investment levels starting as low as $7,400 (US), The Janitorial Agency offers everything you will need to start your own business all the way to managing and operating your own multi-million dollar cleaning company. We provide the same support and training that you would get from investing in a typical franchise, however, with The Janitorial Agency you have the luxury of running your own cleaning company. With this type of freedom you can set your own standards, goals, and work ethic to create a business that is solely you. We also provide many necessary tools to brand your business such as: (all included)

  1. Logo Design
  2. Business Card Development
  3. Website Design and Hosting
  4. Over 20 Training Courses with Live Consulting
  5. Business Plan Development
  6. Operations Manual
Is the Opportunity Right For You?
By partnering with The Janitorial Agency, you are investing in a greater ROI; offering 30-40% compared to the average 5-15%. Depending on your investment, we guarantee a minimum of $24K - $120K (US) in business volume. Unlike conventional franchises, The Janitorial Agency, does not charge any hidden costs: royalty, volume, administrative, management, invoicing and/or documentation fees. We will not even charge you for the contracts you obtain on your own. As you grow your business, we do not have the power to take it away from you. Your business is your own.

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The Janitorial Agency Franchise Costs

The Janitorial Agency Franchise

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