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NeighborNet Inc Franchise Opportunity

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NeighborNet Inc is a business opportunity allowing territory owners the ability to provide local businesses a method of pinpointing their marketing efforts by promoting their products and services directly to neighborhoods close to their business.

The Concept involves establishing free, flexible layout, neighborhood association home pages that allow homeowners to view local neighborhood news, customize their individual home page and print, email or text to mobile devices local advertiser coupons.

NeighborNetInc is a complete Turn-key business opportunity. There is no inventory to stock, very low over-head expenses and a complete in house support team. Your role as a Licensed Distributor is to help small businesses increase their sales and exposure by advertising on NeighborNetInc.

What does NeighborNet provide?
We provide a free website for neighborhoods as well as pin point marketing for advertisers. Advertising has never gotten easier! NeighborNet also provides an a-la-carte option for advertisers to pick and choose which subs they want to advertise in with our Ad-a-Sub store site.

Why Should I Use NeighborNet?
NeighborNet provides free subdivision websites. The sites are the homeowner's customizable, personal, online newspaper with news that's as local as what's happening in the subdivision in addition to what's happening around the world. NeighborNet is also a personal portal to the internet or your home's and families Command Center. All your most used web functions are all on one page. It's the only place a homeowner needs to go to organize & streamline their lives with hundreds of time-saving applications and the ability to add your own most-used web content.

It's the only place to go to get savings at businesses closest to their homes. NeighborNet provides a pinpoint marketing strategy for the small, local businesses. Most small businesses are doing mass marketing, most of which is sent to people who will never drive to their business. NeighborNet puts the focus on the people that are closest to their store.

NeighborNet can reduce costs and improve communication for the Homeowners Association (HOA). No HOA? No problem. NeighborNet also works well with communities with no HOA's.

Some of the advantages of becoming a NeighborNet Licensed Distributor include:

Minimal Overhead & Huge Earning Potential
Unlike many other Licensed Distributors or franchises, you donít need an expensive retail storefront or get involved with any other real estate negotiations. You can operate your Licensed Distributor comfortably from a home office, with little to no added expense. You also donít need to invest in any specialized equipment beyond a laptop computer with basic business software and Internet access.

No Inventory
Because youíre offering Internet-based products and services, thereís no inventory to purchase, which means no stock to depreciate in value (or spoil) as it sits on store shelves. This allows you to better spend operating capital on lead generation and promotional efforts to grow your business.

Online Subdivision Webstore

This secure online system allows your advertisers the option of renewing or adding more subdivisions to their marketing campaign. The store shows real time inventory of advertising space in each subdivision.

High-Growth Market
Our entire support structure has been developed to help you provide unique advertising opportunities to the small businesses that need to reach out to the customers closest to their store. At NeighborNetInc, we offer advertising solutions that offer clear benefits to all businesses while offering you excellent profit potential. A NNi Licensed Distributorship is an excellent opportunity for you to capture your share of the increasing online advertising medium while helping small businesses achieve significant growth.

This franchise is not currently accepting inquiries.

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NeighborNet Inc Franchise

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