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Business and Franchise Financing with
Your IRA or 401(k)

Through Guidant Financial Group's award-winning programs, your retirement account can fund your entrepreneurial endeavor, help increase the success rate of your new business and effectively earn you a higher rate of return on your investment dollars. This funding option allows you to start your business or franchise with minimal (if any) debt, provides you with significant tax benefits, and helps pave the way to a successful business future.

By using Guidant's program you can:
  • Lower Business Overhead and Increase your Success Rate: This financing solution is often used exclusively to fund a business but can also be used in conjunction with other financing options. When used in place of high-interest loans, this funding option allows income to be re-invested for business growth versus paying off interest from debts. A new business with reduced overhead will experience a greater success rate as a result of more cash and less expenditures.
  • Save Money: Guidant's program will allow you to utilize up to 100% of your retirement plan funds to purchase a business as an investment, thus avoiding a taxable distribution, paying penalties, or incurring interest from loans.
  • Eliminate Personal Liability: By using the retirement funds to finance your business, you do not have to pledge your home or personal credit as collateral as you do for most loans.
  • Maximize Tax-Deferred Benefits: By utilizing your retirement funds to invest in your business you will be able to make contributions to your plan as your business grows, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in taxes and growing your savings for your retirement days.
  • Enjoy Flexibility: Business owners will have flexibility to mix retirement funds with personal funds, other investor funds or, if needed, supplementary loans.
  • Invest in Yourself: Unlike taking risks in the volatile stock market, funding your business with retirement funds is an investment in yourself - one that you can actually count on. As your business grows, so will your investment.
To qualify for this type of funding option, you should have $50,000 or more in an IRA, 401(k) or other retirement account structure, the funds typically can not be with an existing employer of yours and you should be prepared to catapult your businesses success. Contact Guidant Financial Group today to learn more about Franchise Financing or Business Funding solutions with your retirement funds and how they can help you achieve your business and financial goals.

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